About Camp Quality

Many children live with really big challenges, childhood cancer is one of these challenges.  Some of our campers must tackle chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgeries.  They need to leave school and live temporarily out of town away from family and friends as they receive treatment.

Camp Quality provides a space for children affected by cancer to form relationships with other kids who can relate to their experiences.  More importantly, it provides a space where they can just be kids and have boatloads of fun!  In one review I read a camper wrote: “I look forward to camp more than Christmas!”.

Having fun is a really important part of the healing process.  If you are not well enough to have fun, you are not well enough to do anything else!  Our mental state really affects our physical health.  I have seen firsthand the huge impact that Camp Quality has had on myself and on our campers.  In a heartbreaking review, I read a younger camper said:  “I am so glad that I had cancer because now I get to come here every year and have fun!”.

Around the World for Camp Quality

We want to support this amazing place and for this, we need your help!  We are challenging you to go Around the World for Camp Quality!  Together we will submit pictures of our runs, swims, bike rides and walks with the goal of achieving a cumulative 40,075km over a period of one year. 

We are setting a financial goal of $100,000.  Together we can achieve this goal!  Please invite your family and friends to donate generously, talk about and share the fundraiser, and, more importantly, to go Around the World for Camp Quality!

Add your KM's and post your videos and pictures using the #aroundtheworldforcq